Monday, September 13, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

Google Squared
This is a neat site that I've never used.  In squaring Pluto, Beatles the band, and birds, I got more acquainted with Google Squared.  It was more useful for me to search a broad category and add specifics columns.  I would say that the educational implications are that you can generate a group of something very quickly.  It is a quick way to compare information.  It is a really nice way to understand how certain types of items differ and relate.  It also helps you know how relavent the data is by the confidience rating.

Like Google Squared, I've never used this one either.  I used wolframalph to compare the polar circumference to the equatorial circumference of Earth.  It is shorter distance around the earth pole to pole than around the Earth's equator, crazy.  It's not a big difference between the two (83 miles) but it is still neat to know.  One thing about wolframalpha is that you can be more general in wording your search, whereas in google squared you had to be pretty specific or it said "Google Squared couldn't automatically build a Square about blank".

Regarding my Did You Know comments
I still agree with everything I wrote. My comment was that I am amazed at all the statistical data generated for the video.  The only thing is that I should question more on how the data was derived instead of assuming that the video was telling me truths.  Now, I have tools (google squared, and wolframalph) to help me check statistics being thrown at me.

Food for thought
A stable boy can use the iPad.  Stream-lined technology is allowing no learning curve to modern technology.  The iPad probably seemed magical to the boy.  Just as the man thought it was magical that the boy could use the iPad.

Here are the Pitcairn Islands: population 50!
Pitcairn Island Map

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