Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summary Post C4T Teacher #1

A GeekyMomma's Blog is written by a forth grade teacher, Lee Colbert.  Her first post (that I read) was about birthday books for elementary students.  She started the post telling about her favorite time of the year, which is the weekend after the first few days of school.  During that time, she feels like she is starting to get more organized and putting the order back into her life.

Her post gave me some personal insight inside the mind of a teacher.  After the first week of school she is still working tons of hours outside the classroom, but she doesn't mind these extra hours because these hours are focused on things she loves, like planning activities.  Another piece of insight is that she didn't get to do one of her favorite activities last year due to having to many students and not enough resources to buy the necessary supplies.  The rest of her post was on a really cool activity; making birthday books for students.  She gave ample instructions on how the birthday books work.  Also, she even gave her very own pdf file that anybody can use.  In my comment I told her that I really enjoyed reading about the birthday books, and that I have similar books and memorabilia from elementary school that mean a lot to me.

Are you an energy sucker?  This was her second blog which I thought was going to be about being eco-friendly and turned out to be about social politeness.  As a person, we should be responsible for the stress we are causing others.  My family just calls that being well mannered.  So, to suck someone's energy is to apply unwanted extra stress on someone's already full plate.  A teacher desires to maintain a positive aura and negative people can degrade that aura very easily.  I commented that I knew some energy suckers, and the more I read her blog the more energy sucking type of people from my past popped into my head.  I just really do not understand negative people!  Life is a gift.  The environment you are experiencing is an opportunity, and the future depends on us. 

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  1. Yes, Josh. As people we should own our behavior. After all, we are concious of it. I have always been taught that attitude is contagious. I totally feel the truth in that because I experience it every day. As for the teacher making the best of her situation, I hope I have a positive enough attitude all the time so that I can be that kind of teacher. Those are the ones that keep youngins comin' back.