Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final Project #16

Teach Savvy: where teachers become learners

Emily Pilotte and I created a web site!  This site is designed to help teachers, aspiring teachers, and anyone who wants to learn, become acquainted with the ever-changing world of technology.  On this site, we reflected some of our favorite parts about EDM.

What are our intentions?  One of the main features of the site is the connect tab.  This is a library of teacher's blogs (the best of the best, the blogging powerhouses).  As of right now, it is categorized into elementary teachers, middle school/high school, and administrators/groups.  But, as we find more teaching blogs we love, I want to categorize the connect page into which part of the world the teacher is from, and what content they teach.  We are extremely excited about keeping up, maintaining, and getting feedback on our site.

COME CHECK US OUT... Teachsavvy

Final Report on My PLN

It seems a bit bitter-sweet that this class is coming to an end.  I have grown exceedingly attached to the pattern of work flow.  I can honestly say that no other class has impacted me more than EDM310.  Why have I learned so much?  Well, I accredit most of my learning to the fact that I have been an ongoing, engaged, and autonomous learner.

How have I used a personal learning network throughout EDM310?

Yes, my symbaloo is full of sites that intrigue me.  It is full of useful tools and things I check daily (emails, classblog, USA-online, bank account).  But, my PLN is more than just a symbaloo screen that graces me with its presence every time I get on the internet.

My PLN involves RSSfeeds from sites and teachers I'm following.  Google Reader is awesome!  It's like my morning newspaper, but with all the articles regarding topics I love and want to hear about.  Also, in my PLN are podcasts.  If you subscribe to some good content, I'm sure you'll find yourself listening to podcasts every time you ride in your car (for me, especially on long trips) or when you have to walk to class.  Listening to podcasts are a great way to warm up your brain before you go to class.  They get your mind going and allow stimulation for those eager dendrites.

My PLN gives me information through many different mediums.  Even though it is well established, I plan to continue learning this way and growing my network.  I plan to especially work more at learning through twitter.

Teacher #4

Metanoia by Ryan Bretag
The first post I commented on led to an extremely thought provoking comment and reply from Peter Rodrigues.  I would like to hear what you think about students (and everybody in today's technological society) leaving behind a digital trail.  A footprint.

My Comment
Thank you for sharing your ideas and beautiful pictures. Maybe I’m off, but I thought the main goal in using aliases and ID#’s were to protect identities and make the parents feel better about their child leaving behind a trail. Yes, I agree having a name (their name) is a healthy part of leaving a footprint. So, do you think our society is past the fear of leaving behind a real trail of our intellectual journey?
Thank you very much for provoking thought!
Josh King (an EDM310 student)

I GOT A REPLY, sort of...
Coming to this conversation a bit late, but I’ve been thinking about this lately, as my daughter approaches two, has some presence on facebook, etc.

I think part of the reason we use the alias/id# thing is for the illusion of safety – parents don’t want students’ personal information out of the web through their school work. Yet, our students have a digital footprint outside of school. And instead of teaching them how to properly craft that footprint, we create a culture of fear. Instead of hiding students’ digital footprint, talk and teach the right way to create an online presence (that will make parents feel safe too). Personal Info, compromising pictures, etc need to be discussed.

  • Aliases and id#'s give the illusion of safety...
  • Are we creating a culture of fear?
  •  Do you think we need to teach our "futures" how to develop a health digital footprint (inside and outside school)?

The second post was a post about who he nominated for the EduBlog awards.  This list had some people we've commented on and read posts from...(Scott Mcleod, CASTLE)  There were others on his list that I didn't know.  It was nice to be directed to more blogs, bogs that insightful in regards to teaching.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Summary Post Comments4Kids

She posted a video about a three year old riding a pony! See the video for yourself.

My Little Pony 
My Comment
Haha.. This is too cute! The music made the video!

You are a really great writer. You may be interested in learning some HTML code that will make your posts look extremely professional! Here’s a site if you time.

Keep up the awesome work,
Josh (an EDM310 student)

Their class had a guest speaker come to school.  He talked about telling stories and how to tell good stories.  I could tell Vernon really enjoyed this speaker.  He was especially enthused about their class getting to make up a collaborative story about monsters and the bed room.

My Comment
Sounds like you learned a lot from the story teller! That’s awesome. Everybody loves a good story that’s why people are drawn to things like reading, movies, video games, and comic books. I really enjoyed your post.
Keep up the awesome writing!
Josh (an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL)

Ashley Le's Blog (Grade 5 French Immersion at NMES)
Okay, at first I was a little confused because this school is in New Brunswick, Canada.  The students are 21st century bilingual learners.  The posts were in French and English.  Most of them were in french and I had to use Google translator.  I learned about  VoiceThread.
My Comment
Hey Ashley,
My name is Josh King and I’m from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. This is such a cool post! “King Nugget”, it sounds like he was a fierce and mighty chicken! I LOVED YOUR POST! Keep up the good work!
Josh King

Maclains Blog
This young man lives in Quimbly, Iowa and he loves hunting.  In his post he tells a story about a lady seeing a 10 point buck.  His grandpa asked the lady why she didn't shoot it and the lady said, "I would not do that".

My Comment
I’m from Mobile, Alabama and hunting is a huge part of my life. It is really cool to see that you enjoy it also! It sounds like you guys have some really big deer up there.
Why do you think the lady would not shoot the deer?