Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final Report on My PLN

It seems a bit bitter-sweet that this class is coming to an end.  I have grown exceedingly attached to the pattern of work flow.  I can honestly say that no other class has impacted me more than EDM310.  Why have I learned so much?  Well, I accredit most of my learning to the fact that I have been an ongoing, engaged, and autonomous learner.

How have I used a personal learning network throughout EDM310?

Yes, my symbaloo is full of sites that intrigue me.  It is full of useful tools and things I check daily (emails, classblog, USA-online, bank account).  But, my PLN is more than just a symbaloo screen that graces me with its presence every time I get on the internet.

My PLN involves RSSfeeds from sites and teachers I'm following.  Google Reader is awesome!  It's like my morning newspaper, but with all the articles regarding topics I love and want to hear about.  Also, in my PLN are podcasts.  If you subscribe to some good content, I'm sure you'll find yourself listening to podcasts every time you ride in your car (for me, especially on long trips) or when you have to walk to class.  Listening to podcasts are a great way to warm up your brain before you go to class.  They get your mind going and allow stimulation for those eager dendrites.

My PLN gives me information through many different mediums.  Even though it is well established, I plan to continue learning this way and growing my network.  I plan to especially work more at learning through twitter.

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