Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final Project #16

Teach Savvy: where teachers become learners

Emily Pilotte and I created a web site!  This site is designed to help teachers, aspiring teachers, and anyone who wants to learn, become acquainted with the ever-changing world of technology.  On this site, we reflected some of our favorite parts about EDM.

What are our intentions?  One of the main features of the site is the connect tab.  This is a library of teacher's blogs (the best of the best, the blogging powerhouses).  As of right now, it is categorized into elementary teachers, middle school/high school, and administrators/groups.  But, as we find more teaching blogs we love, I want to categorize the connect page into which part of the world the teacher is from, and what content they teach.  We are extremely excited about keeping up, maintaining, and getting feedback on our site.

COME CHECK US OUT... Teachsavvy

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