Sunday, October 31, 2010

Additional Assignment #3

The ideas of Aristotle and Plato, shown in thi...Changing Education Paradigms 
To me the most important thing Kin Robinson said was, "The current system of education was designed and conceived for a different age."  The culture of education was developed during the Age of Enlightenment and then combined with the idea of free public education during the Industrial Revolution.  As our society changes, this old style of teaching kids doesn't work.  Yes, our society has changed that much.  How can we demand a student to be engaged on a teacher centered lecture when that student goes home and is bombarded by visually stimulating multimedia.

How are the things Kin Robinson says in agreement with what I'm learning in the College of Education?  Well I don't have much to say here because I've only taken two education classes (EDM310 and SPE400).  I am very glad that EDM310 was one of my first classes in learning to be an educator.  I can confidently say that this class has allowed me to define my views of education.

What can I do to address the issues Kin Robinson raises?  When I teach, I plan to make learning an active, engaging, and aesthetic experience.  The funny thing is that I actually don't know how to do this, but I do plan to continue to be an alive learner myself in hopes to be able to assimilate my experiences with learning through creativity and technology to my students.

Yes, I loved this animated video.  It shows some of the possibilities of composing through multimedia.  If I had to create using these means I would like to be an idea generator.  I would like to guide the flow of topics and how the discussion flowed.

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