Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Assignment 8

This is how we dream
This is Dr. Richard E. Miller discussing writing with multimedia.

Our society is changing!  The web and modern technology is changing the material we compose.  The content we create is different.  Now, we can create material that combines video, audio, and text.  Also, the material we make can be updated instantly.  There is no need to buy the newest version of The World Book Encyclopedia.  Maybe the most important aspect of this change is that we can push our ideas out into the world.  As Dr. Miller implied, there is no need to go through the publication process when we can publish our own work instantly.  We can let our social feedback be our critic.

So, I guess the question exists:  Am I prepared to write/compose with multimedia?  Is that not what I've been doing?  True, I have not mastered the skills of integrating text, audio, and video in a powerful, compelling, and innovative manner.  But, as I network with others and mature into the possibilities of multimedia creation, I think I can do it!  My growth already has been exponential.  Since August, I have learned a gargantuan amount about communicating, learning, and creating through technology today.  Other than the word, I didn't even know what a blog was until this class!

Will my students be able to do this?  Well, they should be able to.  Dr. Miller's discussion allowed us to see small glimpse of the future of composing.  Our students will live a life and have jobs that require them to deceiver and create this type of material.

The Chipper Series and EDM for Dummies
Chipper series felt a bit lengthy, but I liked the point that if you just take everything seriously from the beginning and try to understand the importance of what you are doing at the time, then you won't find yourself in a loop of mishaps.  The personal message I take away is that I'm finding myself submitting my work later and later each week (while still being on-time, I've gotten away from doing my work early on in the week and proofreading it throughout the week).  A new week is a new opportunity to be efficiently productive.

Also, I really like the creativeness behind EDM for Dummies.  I think overall, I want to make a final video that speaks creativity along with a clear message.  

The SMART Board Contrasts
Here's my pro-SMART board blog (super recent post, Sunday Oct, 17)
SMART Boards: The Smart Thing To Do!
The biggest pro-SMART board comment here is the statement, "Probably the biggest benefit the SMART Boards offers is that children are more likely to engage in learning no matter what their learning style may be."  Also, they said that with the IWB the kids are eager to participate and volunteer. 

And, the other two rather opposite of this...
Why I hate Interactive Whiteboards
Why Smartboards are a Dumb Initiative
 The main thing I take from these anti-IWB post is that these boards are just giving us a glorified teacher centered style of lecturing.  They aren't actually changing the system of education, but instead they are supplying an expensive add-on to the traditional system.  And, administrators like these IWB because they are a tangible way of counting technological advancement in their schools.

What do I think?
To me, if the IWB is used for lecture, then it is no better than a slightly more advanced PowerPoint.  But, if the students are able to create and interact through it, then there is utility in these IWB.  Actually, I'm really excited about using one because I do not know much about them.  I think some personal use with one of these boards may help me in deciding how useful I think they are.


  1. Josh,

    Your blog looks great. The anti-IWB posts convinced me much more than I thought they would. I haven't had much hands-on experience with them either, and I think using them would help me make up my mind definitively. Ultimately, I think that inventive, creative, effective teachers will teach inventively, creatively, and effectively whether they have an IWB or not. Conversely, I don't think that an IWB can "revolutionize" the classroom of an ineffective teacher the way they've been advertised.

    Keep up the great work with your blog!

  2. Thoughtful. Well written. Well argued. Good job!