Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summary Post Comments for Kids 1 and 2

Kiera G
All About Me
She basically described her family and all their names.  She likes to draw, talk to her friends, and do choir.  The most important things to her is school, her friends, and her family.  She said, "I am not very good in math".  She is talkative and smart and has very helpful nice friends.  Mr. C is teaching them how to use the internet. 

My Comment
Hey Keira,
Wow, you've got a really big family! I bet there is never a dull moment in your house. Keep up the good work in school and don't let math get you down. I bet you are better than you think you are at math. Just remember that they wouldn't be teaching it to you if it wasn't important. Just like learning how to use the internet is important, so is sharpening those math skills.
Josh King, an EDM310 student

My learning Manifesto
She had a pretty good manifesto.  It was kinda short and not very detailed in how she was going to increase her learning this year.  She said she was going respect her teachers and people she couldn't stand.  I thought I should address this, and I did in my comment.

My Comment
Hey Keira,
Nice learning Manifesto! Throughout your life you are going to have people that you don't necessarily get along with. So, if this year you can learn how to respect those people who you don't like, you'll be a better person for it in the future. School is all about learning. I think it is great that you want to help out your friends with their work. You will learn a lot yourself by helping them. Keep up the good work!
Josh King, an EDM310 student

Aaron K
My Manifesto, Not Yours
I really liked his manifesto.  It showed some personality.  He said that he didn't want to wait until the last second to turn in assignments and that he'd do a better job if he started them earlier.  He also promised that he would pay attention more in class.  He had a good point with saying "if I pay attention then I not just help my self, but the other students around me".  He may have just explained the down fall of junior high learning.

My Comment
Hello Aaron, this is Josh King. Nice manifesto, I didn't know what a manifesto was until I read your assignment. I like how your manifesto challenges you to be a better student. When we put off assignments we doom ourselves from the beginning. So, to get the most out of the assignment it is best to work ahead, that way you have plenty of time to digest what you are learning!

Also, I like how your second promise helps you and the students around you. When you pay attention and listen in class you are setting a tone for learning. It's kind of like yawning, when you listen others around you are more likely to listen also, it's contagious!
Keep up the good work,
Josh King an EDM310 student

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