Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Assignment 9

What will I learn after the first year of being a teacher?
The thinking man
My first year of teaching...Wow!  It's hard to even imagine.  I hope that I'm able to learn busloads every year, but there is no doubt my first year will be very meaningful as a growing teacher.  This post by Mr. McChung gives great insights on how to be that awesomely effective teacher.

To read the crowd is another way of saying the audience is driving the instruction.  If the students aren't comprehending, then what good am I doing?

Why do we need to be flexible?  We need flexibility because humans are not perfect.  We screw up.  The lesson that I actually teach and the one I plan to teach will be different!  To me, a lesson is just a group of information that I plan to present a certain way.  (A crazy thought)  Some days I can't even remember what I ate for lunch.  So, how am I supposed to remember and execute teaching a lesson the exact way I planned it?  In regards to chaos, mistakes, and misunderstanding; we should proceed in life with a smile on our face and opportunity in our eyes.  I think in all situations learning can happen.

(Some skills to practice to make me that awesome teacher!)
Be flexible
Be reasonable
Don't be afraid of technology
Listen to your students


  1. Just for the record: You're a really good writer too. And I agree, life if better with a smile :)
    Everything is already written, right? It's our choice if we walk it out with a smile or a frown.

  2. Your CAPITALS are well placed.

    We learn from experience. No matter what you think you have learned in a classroom it is what you will learn in YOUR classroom that will matter most. And you must be able to reflect on what you have learned there as Mr. McClung has done.Not only be able to but actually do it!