Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Assignment 7

The Last Lecture Audio Book
Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
   First off, The "Last Lecture" is an amazing lecture given by pancreatic cancer victim Randy Pausch.  This was my second time watching this lecture and both times were heart warming and educational!  This was one of those videos/lectures that just stick with you (almost like they haunt you).  As I go through the day, my mind will jump on things he said.

For example, I've been thinking a lot about the concept of head fakes.  A head fake is indirect learning.  It's when you think your learning one thing but your really learning something different.  Little did I know, I've been indirectly learning for years now.  I only thought that I've been learning how to become a better drummer and musician while being in the marching band.  But really, I was being taught teamwork and how to be mentally strong.  I have been taught leadership skills and also that there is a time to shut up and play an insignificant role.

So is there any teaching methods in head fakes?  I think yes!  As a teacher, we should understand and remember that there are bigger concepts behind the scenes (i.e. teamwork, character building, and being a critical thinker).  When I teach, I want my kid's learning environment to build life skills.  I think the first step in teaching indirectly is to realize that  something can be learned in all situations.  That way every opportunity is an opportunity to learn! 

Another thing Randy said was to not write people off, and that if you wait long enough people will impress you.  People have the potential to impress you even if you doubt them.  A teaching method form this is: don't doubt your students, instead trust them!  It's more than just trust, I want to have loyalty in my students.  In the words of Randy Pausch, "loyalty is a two way street".

The last method I've been thinking about is teaching without a set bar.  Can we get overly caught up in having our kids trying to reach some sort of academic standard?  Do the set bars make us stop teaching once the set goals are reached?  I am going to teach, guide, and allow my students to learn without the notion of a bar.  Yes, there are concepts I will desire them to learn but how much they learn depends on their potential.  Everybody's potential (capability) to learn is endless.  But, we are only as capable as we are engaged.  And in today's time, how do we become engaged students?  Answer: learning through modern technology. 


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  1. Hi Josh,
    My name is Amelia Platt and I loved your blog. I totally agree that we set bars for our kids. I know think back to high school I was what we would call an over achiever. I have a younger brother and he was faced with this bar with most of my teachers. They always told me I was a much better student because I was driven more. I set a bar and they expected him to jump over it or to fail. We do this so much to students today to the point some of them do no think they will ever become anything. I also agree with the fact that teachers tend to write students off a lot. I also want to be loyal to my students because I feel that is one of the major parts to teaching. With out the students loyalty you do not have anything.