Sunday, October 10, 2010

My progress on my PLN

PLN (Personal Learning Network)

Actually, I got caught up in developing my PLN and reading some RSS web feeds that I about forgot I had to do this post.  I'm really excited about my network because it is all about me and my interests.  Basically, this is what I'm doing (if it is the wrong way to go about developing a PLN let me know).  I decided that my goals of this first personal network will focus on teaching using technology and how people learn. I'm using  Symbaloo to organize my PLN.  Here, I have my twitter (which I just started recently).  I now know why some of my friends don't like twitter.  It's because they are not using it right!  To me, twitter is perfect for following a stream of information, but it is terrible for social networking (in the ways my peers would like to social network with it).  On twitter I'm in the process of following a stream of information that is specific to my interests.

Another thing that is really cool is Google Reader.  I've been using this to follow all the different teacher blogs and to read all my RSS (Really Simple Syndication).  Right now, I'm subscribed to eight different blogs, podcasts, and website feeds.  These eight are a mix of teaching pedagogy and science information.  Other things I'm building are my Delicious account and my Youtube community.

I think I need to keep working on building the previous, and I need to start to share my network (Symbaloo, Google Reader, Delicious, and my blog) with other people in EDM.  I feel like I need to make more of a connection with people that have a similar PLN as me.  That way we can share what we are learning together.  


  1. What stream were you following? Did it lead you to anything new?

  2. I'm following educators (mostly). Also, other things that usually have cool science tweets like "stuff from the science lab" and "sci-fri". I think when I was writing this blog I was reading some of Mr. Spencer's feeds (@johntspencer). He has amazing insight into the everyday classroom!

  3. Symbaloo is crazy awesome!! I love it! I've set it as my homepage, so that when I pull up Safari I have all my sites right there! I've never felt so organized! I haven't tried Google Reader. I'll have to get my boyfriend to teach me how to use it! ;)