Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Post 11

 1st grade students can blog!  What can you do?

One thing I have not thought about is the privacy issue with students blogging.  Mrs. Cassidy endeavors to protect student's identity. 
What she does:
  • Sends out permission forms on the first day of school regarding student work being on the internet
  • Only uses student's first name
  • Doesn't match any names with pictures
I think I can use blog as an online portfolio.  I like the fact that parents can watch their kids grow.  Kids love technology.  It is a natural part of their world.  With technology in schools, kids don't have to power down when they come to school.  They can live in their world and not the world of the 20th century.

Are elementary education teachers held most responsible to show students how to learn with technology?  I know it is never to late to use technology with your students, but I feel like the elementary teachers have some of the biggest responsibilities because they are indoctrinating these students into their long like of learning.
Curtis is in first grade and he loves me
Now is the time to learn.  I say this with lots of things.  It is kind of like my scholastic version of the "just do it" saying.  Now is the time to learn how technology can help you learn.

A cool advantage of blogs verses pen and paper
With blogs, the students have a massive endless audience.  This is an aspect you don't have to teach the kids.  They know and understand what the internet is and what it allows.  Does it make a difference if students have an audience?  I think it makes a huge difference in one of the hardest areas about learning, motivation.  They want to be heard.  Everybody loves feedback on something they put personal time into, and I think it motivates students to do better quality work.

I think it's a good time to talk about twitter.
Okay I'm glad Ms. Cassidy said it, "Twitter doesn't feel worthwhile at first".  That's how I feel now.  I completely understand that I am following people who have similar interest as me, and I can learn from immensely from these people.  Or, maybe I'm following too many old people.  I have enjoyed some of the links people tweet, but there is so much material being thrown.  Maybe my stream of knowledge is too much for me right now (I bit off more than I could chew).  Also, I feel this way about the blogs I am following and in the RSS feeds being sent to my Google Reader.  I just don't have near enough time to read, comment, speak my mind, and enjoy these things I'm interested in.
What do I want my students to use?  What do I see as having utility?
Well, I definitely want to develop my students to be self learners.  I do not want to be the person that supplies facts and grades them on how many they can retain.  Here's a rough mini outline of what I want to do in my science class!
  • I want organize my class around the theme that the student IS the scientist.  The student scientists must be observant, form questions, collaborate questions, and test these hypothesis.  (This is the scientific method)
  • I would like to present assignments (ideas, facts, problems, deep questions, or let them ask questions) on a class blog 
  • I would like them to research the assignments using their self created learning environment.  I can show them things I'm using now in EDM310.  Also, I want to encourage learning from the natural world.  I want them questioning things they experience in nature, around their home, and in everyday life.  The student scientists generate the questions. Then, use the internet (their PLN) to do further research.
  • They have to keep track and record their data they collect in their blog.  This can be video, images, audio, or text.
This is just an idea formed from my desire to have people control their learning, and enjoy the world they live in.  I would really like your feedback! What do you think about this outline?
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  1. Josh,

    I agree that elementary teachers have a huge responsibility with their students. They are creating the foundation for the students learning. The use of technology is a great way to help younger children because they are learning to communicate, and they can practice writing skills. They can also talk to other children all over the world and experience different cultures. Blogs are an excellent tool for this, and I think all parents would like being able to view their children's work. I love your saying, "Now is the time to learn." I think that is a great attitude to have.

    I also agree that sometimes twitter and following blogs can be overwhelming. There is so much information that is being thrown in your face. I like using both, but I cannot read everything on there. I have to pick and choose.

    I think your outline looks great! I believe your students would enjoy this, and I can already tell that they will truly be learning about science. I hope you actually use this in your class. You have really done a great job!

  2. I am with you on the twitter thing. I have it and sometimes use it, but still don't seem to care much for it. However, on the other hand blogging is great. I would absolutely use blogging in my classroom as well due to the fact that it makes everyone's life just a bit easier. It also helps keep everyones work organized!