Sunday, November 14, 2010

Summary of Responces From Project 6

My project 6
I created a survey in hopes to understand how well students are generalizing their education.  To me, generalizing your education is taking what you've learned in class and applying it to everyday life.  I feel as if college students today aren't sure exactly why they are in school.  The society basically demands this furthering of education, but the students aren't sure what they are supposed to get out of school.  I think on a basic level we do understand that being good at school isn't going to get us anywhere.  The world doesn't care how many facts we are able to regurgitate. a student, I think it is my responsibility to be able to learn and preform what I am taught.  To learn is to understand the why.  When information is thrown at us we have to be able to reason with this knowledge and use it in life!  AKA, generalize your education.

What are my findings? 
Well, school is important to these 22 college students.  Most all of them talk about school moderately or frequently outside of school.  Also, they can remember things they have been taught in previous classes.  They are more likely to remember (material taught in prior classes) than to have to relearn the material.

18 of these students (81%) spend less than 50% of their own time exploring classroom subjects.

Majority (68%)of these students claim that work related experience is more credible (worthy, important, valuable) than academic experience.

Majority of these students do try to understand the why behind the facts presented in school.

Most of these student's friends think they are above average in intelligence.

They feel as if they know more concepts in contrast to trivia.

The majority agree that if you teach a dog to fetch a ball but that dog can't fetch a bone...
then the dog did not learn how to fetch.

 What did I conclude
I am really pleased with all the outcomes of this survey (you can click on the picture to go to the form analysis).  I did not conclude any solid data.  After analyzing the data, I get the feeling that these college students want to learn and apply what they learn to everyday life.  We want to generalize our education.  We want, but the system of education doesn't supply what we want.

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