Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary Post C4T Teacher #3

This teacher seems like a really interesting fellow.  His blog.  He was a concrete artist then turned turned technology teacher on a journey to teach paperless!

The Concrete Classroom
Here's the first post I read: 10-10-10

A woman had a baby on 08/08/08.  She became pregnant again and had a child on 09/09/09.  Now, she had her third on 10/10/10.  Is this coincidence?  Or was she aiming for these magic birth day numbers?

His post was asking if this was a worthy question to ask students and how could it be used/presented.

My Comment 
Hello Mr. Kaechele,
I'm Josh King an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I'm preparing to be a general education science teacher! I think this is a great question to ask students because this questions makes students becme opinionated and form ideas to answer the question. This is a worthy question because life is going to be full of questions like this. Questions where we have to infer the best possible answer from our educated opinions.

Next week I'll be writing some more thoughts about this on my blog

The Alchemist and L'Amour
It is amazing how in this class many assignments reiterate ideas of previous assignments.  I think you could entitle the last couple of weeks, "The failing aspects of institutionalized education".  In this post by Mr. Micheal he quoted some of L'Amour's work.  I want to remember these and spread these ideas, so what better place to start than here.

Somewhere along the line I had fallen in love with learning, and it became a lifelong romance...

No matter how much I admire our schools, I know that no university exists that can provide an education; what a university can provide is an outline, to give the learner a direction and guidance. The rest one has to do for oneself.

Education should provide the tools for widening and deepening of life, for increased appreciation of all one sees or experiences. It should equip a person to live life well, to understand what is happening about him, for to live life well one must live with awareness... 

My Comment
I'm amazed at how cohesive this post is to what we've been learning in EDM310. You are right the ideas to change education really aren't new, and I think we need change now more than ever. We just watched a video about Dan Brown (a University of Nebraska student who dropped out of school because school was interfering with his education).

I have really taken to heart some of the L'Amour quotes (posted my favorites on my blog) Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

Josh King an EDM310 student.

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