Sunday, November 7, 2010

Instructional Video: A scholastic way to use your iPod


  1. Holy Moly! What a gerat instructional video. I can tell you took time in creating it. I wasn't assigned to you and I wouldn't have seen this had you not tweeted it. So thanks! The Free Graphing Calculator is awesome! I used it the past two semesters. Do you actually use all these? Which one would you recommend adding if I could only have one?

    Great job Josh. Definitely above the par. I want to know how you over-layed all the icons you used in your movie. That's awesome.

  2. Thank you for watching it! After a short week of researching iPad use for a Superintendent, one of my friends gave me his old iPod Touch (I've never had or used an iPod besides the first generation mp3 players). Needless to say, I was as giddy as a kid at Christmas and very gung-ho about using it for school.

    Yes, I do use most of these. I'm very clumsy at typing, so I don't take notes with it while in class. What I do use in class is wikipanion and google search. I copy and paste my findings in evernote, or I'll send the wikipedia/google page to my email.

    If you could only have one of these? That's a good question. If there was an app out there that you could search for information and compile specific parts together, I would say get this one. That's what I do with evernote and wikipanion. I'll dig and see if there is something like this!

    By the way, I used AVS video editor. It's kind of like the iMovie for but for PC. I'm about to really test its capabilities with our group's "movie trailers for books"!!

  3. Man, this is really good! I really like how you have organized you apps. I have mine similar to yours just not labeled as well.

    Also, I feel the same way about drop box. I wish it would give you a heads up when someone adds material to a shared folder. I had no idea you had added all those images to our folder until to day.

  4. Excellent! You made my day! And I learned about Seize the Day as well. I'll get it and use it.